Saturday, January 21, 2017

Paper accepted on the effects of social and symbolic cues on visual search

My paper on the effects of social (eyes, pointing hands) and symbolic (arrows) cues on visual search has been accepted for publication in Psihologija. Three experiments are described in which participants were asked to look for target objects in cluttered displays. To help participants find the targets, cues were presented next to the target (and pointing / looking at the target). The results showed that cues that had a clear outline (e.g., arrows, hands) helped finding the target, while cues that did not have a clear outline (e.g., gazing eyes) did not speed up finding the target, independent of whether the cue was biologically relevant (social or symbolic) or not. Cues that are easy to find themselves have the strongest effects on finding a search target. These results confirm earlier findings in an cue interference paradigm.

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