Saturday, October 17, 2015

ECVP in Liverpool

It's some time ago and I should have posted about our conference attendance earlier. With a fairly large group, we attended the 2015 ECVP (visual perception) conference in Liverpool. The conference started with a lecture inside a church (acoustics were not optimal), and on the next day a very interesting session on eye tracking social interaction. I had my own poster on the influence of social cues when they are viewed (initially) outside of fixation, and my colleagues from Aberdeen (Bert Timmermans) and Belgrade (Suncica Zdravkovic) presented data from joint projects on dual gaze tracking (Timmermans) and lightness influences on eye gaze (Zdravkovic). The sessions were well attended, particularly in the first days of the conference. On the way back we had a long look at the Peak district (meaning: traffic jam).

Well attended talk by Zdravkovic.

Seminar recording available on Blackboard (Lincoln psychology only)

The recording of the research seminar that I gave in Lincoln two weeks ago is now available on Blackboard. You will need a login to the psychology subject site for it (within Blackboard). I'm happy not to watch it myself :)

RS2 skills project on its way

For the course 'Research Skills 2', groups of students will work on research projects as a team. The group that I am supervising this semester will look at how well people guess the calorie contents of foods and how this related to how confident they are about their guess.

If you are on campus you may be asked to take part. The students will go around with their laptops and Android devices (thanks to and ask for your input. Don't be shy! We will store all information anonymously, so don't worry about not being good at the task. The task should take around 5 minutes.

How many calories do you think are in this banana? (image from

RIF funded project started

The project supported by the Research Investment Fund has now started. Before explaining what it is all about, why not take part in our study?

Your tasks will be to make tea, sort a deck of cards and to walk around the building, while you wear our latest gadget (very similar to a pair of glasses).

The only requirement for taking part is that you do not wear glasses already (and it would come in handy if you are in the Lincoln area).

Simply contact me:
or Flora:

We now have biscuits to go with the tea that you will be making!

(image from