Saturday, October 17, 2015

ECVP in Liverpool

It's some time ago and I should have posted about our conference attendance earlier. With a fairly large group, we attended the 2015 ECVP (visual perception) conference in Liverpool. The conference started with a lecture inside a church (acoustics were not optimal), and on the next day a very interesting session on eye tracking social interaction. I had my own poster on the influence of social cues when they are viewed (initially) outside of fixation, and my colleagues from Aberdeen (Bert Timmermans) and Belgrade (Suncica Zdravkovic) presented data from joint projects on dual gaze tracking (Timmermans) and lightness influences on eye gaze (Zdravkovic). The sessions were well attended, particularly in the first days of the conference. On the way back we had a long look at the Peak district (meaning: traffic jam).

Well attended talk by Zdravkovic.

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