Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Study on safety sentiments in Lincoln completed

In a recently completed MSc (Forensic psychology) dissertation project, Freya has examined how safe students feel when seeing images, while using an eye tracker to examine where people look when making such judgements. The study showed that images of Egham (Royal Holloway University) were rated as safer than images of Lincoln, and that these higher safety ratings were related to ratings of maintenance. Images of night scenes were rated lower on safety. While participants rated images for safety, they inspected street-lights to a larger extent than while they judged images for maintenance. Female participants reported higher levels of unsafe feelings compared to male participants, both in their overall ratings, as well as in their ratings of the different images. The results suggest that the council can improve safety sentiments by aiming for higher levels of maintenance and by better street lighting.
Example of one of the images with regions of interest used to analyse the eye movements.

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